FOUND POEM: From A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar –M.P. Carver

From A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar

ano 母親 wa kodomo o 愛してる to iu yori wa, mushiro, amayakashiteiru.
oya dearu ijyou, 子供 no kyouiku ni kanshin ga aru no wa 当然 deshou.
isshoukenmei 仕事 o shita noni, gyaku ni nakama ni kirawareteshimattta.

that mother is pampering her child rather than loving him.
if you are any sort of parent, you should be interested in your child’s education.
he worked very hard, but, contrary to expectations, his peers hated him.

kono daigaku wa 教育内容 wa iu made mo naku, setsubi mo batsugun ni sugureteiru.
kare wa 平日 wa iu made mo naku, 週末 ya 祭日も shigoto o shiteiru.
karoushi to iu no wa hatarakisugi ga moto de 死ぬ to iu koto da.

this university excels in facilities, to say nothing of educational programs.
he is working hard even on weekends and holidays, not to speak of weekdays.
過労死 means to die from overwork.

彼 wa sonoban koufun no amari 寝られなかった.
tokoroga, だめ dattan da.
彼 wa 結婚何か surubeki jyanakattan da.

he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep that night.
however, it didn’t work out (lit. it was no good.)
he shouldn’t have married.

ningen wa douse shinun だから, akuseku kataraite mo 仕方がない.
ano hito wa 酒 o 飲む to 言うyori wa mushiro 酒 ni 飲まれている to 言ったほうga 良い.
その koushou wa kiwamete 困難 dearu.

since we humans are bound to die, it is no use working hard.
one should say that sake drinks him, rather than he drinks sake.
that negotiation will probably be very difficult.

kare wa 小さいtoki 病気がち deshita.
彼は出金だらけ no 生活 o shiteimashita.
kare ni wa sake o igai ni 何も楽しみがなかった。

he was often ill when he was young.
he was living a life with many debts.
he had nothing to enjoy other than drinking.


I told you everything I should tell you.
you should look after yourself (lit. you should do your own business by yourself).
his composition is full of mistakes.



M.P. Carver lives in Salem, MA. She is a member of YesNo Press–publisher of the Zig Zag Folios–and Poetry Editor of Soundings East. Her work has appeared in various local journals, and she has been featured at multiple venues across the state.

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