Poetry: THE TENNESSEE FABLE –David Earl Williams.


in the right-to-work
kingdom of Tennessee
where it’s crowded with
nobodies “not lookin
fer no hand-out
from no anybodies…”
where it`s crowded with
primitive libertarian-objectivists
and firm 50 state secessionists
there was
a farmer
and his wife—
Hobe and Molly
and they were very very poor
but very proud
and they were
very very grateful
when Molly delivered twins
at home
one apiece
a buck and a doe
and so
Hobe dressed them
and so
Molly cooked them
and they ate them
all right
and when the King of Tennessee
heared-tell of what had happened
he had them carried up to Nashvilletown
and awarded them both the Kings Medal
For Meritorious Poverty
and was
proud of them
that he sent notice of the ceremony
to his fellow King and Banker
up north in the kingdom of New Amsterdam
to whom he was in hock to his eyeballs
each and every year
until the employee-at-will
crop came in—
to just let him—King Morgan know
“…that the Kingdom of Tennessee etc.
…was right there on top o things etc.
…NO worries etc.
…Everything is well in hand etc.
…for these is good people
as I have tolt ye etc.
…they`s been brought up rat etc.
that if`n they all caint be persuaded
to eat they own chil`runs
…then they will most certainly
out o necessity
be easily persuaded
to eat their neighbors…
For that is the custom
when times is hard
…for—why—-they has done h`it
through out our history!—
NO worries—
I tell ya!—
Sleep well
for these is honest
humblely folk and—
…at least
no-ways near soon
will they be a-chompin on us.—
…I believe we are too rich
rare and exotic for their palets
you know—
…they are home-turned folks
and they prefer
homelier fare
not long after
the King of T.`s own children
began to be born
with the mir-icle a-dapt-tation
of full rows of sharks teeth
and they ate everyone in Tennessee
and everyone in New Amsterdam
including King Morgan
and everyone in between
except for their feet
which all ran away
at a right smart pace
to Canada
where they naturalized
and lived
sockworn n poor-ish
but not impoverished
because it was a
socialist democratic country
ever after
or at least
as ever after
as those things ever go

David says:

I grew up at Hangtown/Greenup Co. in Kentucky. In the eastern region where the wild k-y berry grows. Life was slippery.
My alias since birth has been David Earl Williams.
I live now at Gloucester, Ma. where Maximus used to fish. I am a part-time
Luft Mench, full-time.

Image: The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Hieronymus Bosch (detail)

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