Poetry: I’ve Grown Quiet in My Youth –Haley Rene Thompson

I’ve Grown Quiet in My Youth

You sound tangled, so I don’t

try anything funny.

A breeze is soft & reminds

winter of your hair. Grown

out. Fruit’s been hiding in

in there longer than I’d

figured the value of either.

If we don’t work in

April, I’ll still wonder

how summer goes.

I can fail at

how the summer goes.

Sometimes you need a break

from the sound

of your own—

I can fail at

the months, and you’ll still be

writing, I said.

Your face turns left when—

You lose hope in the train.

Haley Rene Thompson is a poet who studies in the Program for Poets and Writers at Umass Amherst, and is an editor for Slope Editions. Her poems can be found online in notnostrums, iO: A Journal of New American Poetry, Everyday Genius, Interrupture and Smoking Glue Gun, and her chapbook, Coos & Ons, is forthcoming from Dikembe Press.

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