Poetry: a story about overcoming a hardship told by a friend –Ish Klein

a story about overcoming a hardship told by a friend

lolita with the glasses-
as told  by the glasses

because she would not change
her -–name and so –-objects
around her changed her name

or face-

by which I mean, the associations speak-

—-flapping hands-
we are not mouthing ohs, ah-ahs-


depends on the color of the airplane-

this me- the glasses commenting
you could say annoyed-

the shadow was the humberts
in front and she was just alive

light, kind of irritating
but where are we without it-

hitting the dark with sticks
or crawling towards

intensity- a heavy edge
falls on skin: on screen!

and now the other-

consider the heart in glasses a tension headache-

you press a bottle and it breaks
you are underwater because knowing
you go into the holes with bottles
and break them. I am underwater
because I would go into the holes with
a bottle- I would be in a bottle-
I was a bottle who was underwater in a bottle
—-I was underwater- I saw a hole
it was a bottle- I was
underwater meaning I was mostly asleep
—-I was asleep and I thought I should ask him
to take a picture of me asleep because
——I wanted to see who that was-

it was a bottle-did you see it too?

—-You were looking for the Lolita twins-
they were your neighbors when you lived in
california but then it was only
this one girl who was nice to you-

—-before you were a boy you were a dog-
she’d achieved the questionable distinction
of being buried alive-

and came back a wolf- radiant the threats
about your head- –-no one
particular canister, you find a life

inside a life:the crickets at night-

when I mention the rope around the neck
as well as the separation
you come to see the-

full blown tether-
girl in the neighboring yard seeing
you- what comes at you as different-

it occurs to me ––-the ego decay you’d
been experiencing is a sense of confusion

existentially that- the edge of yourself has so many
empty spaces that (can and) do-

and there was the person extending to exist
in an edge area with you-

—-like you, I cannot bark forever-

You become essential to many people-

——up went three canisters,

one return-

a strange way to split- to mingle with the area
the rods and cones

like light and no words-
—–underwater emulsion develops the figures

—-among their dark and lights-

on the frequency line- proportional to the letter
say, times new roman,

south, south, east-

that story’s heard song is over––

on new land the space we made
in case someone actually

us or kind —–of like us

—-at any rate we’re safe

and this is here if you

need it

Ish Klein is the author the following books of poetry, Union! (2009), Moving Day(2011) and Consolation and Mirth (Fall 2015) and the films on dvd produced by Poor Claudia, Success Window. She is a founding member of the Connecticut River Valley Poets Theater (CRVPT) and author of the plays, In A Word, Faust and Drummer 41 and The Orchids.

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