Poetry: SLICK –Sarah J. Mann


I think there’s
more to be said
how much time you spend
in the church
of ‘don’t worry baby’
being rang from the back of
broke down diner car
I can’t hear the
rasp in your fingers
and the
sand in your voice
I think there’s
more to the story
that girl that you called
a good jar to keep cum in
I wanna know what she ever
did to you
to deserve your
tombstone teeth
taking a bite from her
delicious dignity
I think there’s
a ticking
that sort of sick making
way you stomach the
bubbly gum pink
sewer sequins
to get
a god’s eye view
of the tunnel of love swans
don’t let the five dollar ticket fool you
this circus costs a lot more
I am preferable
something ’bout
cobweb and garter belts
the slate can get wiped clean
with a
soot stained rag
I think
there’s a reasoning
every bone you broke
every one you’re breaking
that and
your gold cowboy boots.

Sarah J. Mann is an Australian ex-pat best known for taking jobs away from hard working American citizens in the twenty years she has called the United States her home. Additionally she is an actress, playwright and poet currently living in London, England. As a young girl Sarah’s passion for exaggerating the truth formed amid the tide-pools of York, Maine. She managed to write her way to twenty-six on a furious passion for performance and literature. She is still writing.

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