Contest: Call for Venus Poetics



Mass: 4,867,320,000,000,000 billion kg (0.815 x Earth)
Equatorial Diameter: 12,104 km
Polar Diameter: 12,104 km
Equatorial Circumference: 38,025 km
Known Moons: none [read “lonely”]
Notable Moons: none [read “still lonely”]
Orbit Distance: 108,209,475 km (0.73 AU)
Orbit Period: 224.70 Earth days
Surface Temperature: 462 °C
First Record: 17th century BC
Recorded By: Babylonian astronomers [Babylonian Astronomers!!]

Between 1966 and 1984 the Russians visited Venus ten times with “Venera” probes that were fried and crushed within minutes of landing…succumbing to the intense heat and atmospheric pressure of the planet’s surface.

… and it rotates backwards

Submit one poem and and short bio to: –Include the word “VENUS” in the subject line. Submission deadline is April 15th.

Dara Wier will judge the participants’ work and choose the winning poem to be published in i.p. The winning author will receive approximately 0.000000017851429 of NASA’s 2014 budget, $250

Dara Wier’s newest book, YOU GOOD THING (Wave), is a Believer’s Readers Choice for 2014. She lives and works in North Amherst, Massachusetts close by where she teaches for the University of Massachusetts Amherst MFA and edits and publishes chapbooks for Factory Hollow Press, a division of Flying Object, an arts laboratory in Hadley, Massachusetts.



c56d5f3833bac83f5f1a83b6e6033821Venera-13 spacecraft on the surface of Venus. The craft lasted for about two hours before Venus ate it alive.

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