Poetry: kafka goats –Mik Augustin

kafka goats

kafka beast you hard old thing

with your back as wide as a wolks vagon hood

mentioned on t v early this morn

the show about alaska was super warm

so i hitched a ride in dana’s chrysler

to the lily building’s japan room floor

found your metamorphosis translated

not at all what i anticipated

but you made me chuckle and muse right away

i finished the first few pages

and nine more at some length

distracted by dewdrops on the two-story window

until this parade of minutes dissembled

brought your tome to the table closest

sat and jotted jabbersome phrases

won’t stop now ’til half past noon

then i shall draw some goat cartoons

why should they be goats, not sheep or a kitten?

not a herd of platypi nor a jar of cattle?

who knows or cares what baaas on the hillside?

goats it is.            and i shan’t reconsider

no more sketches of lamps and verandas

not chairs   nor hot rods   nor miniature hamburgers

must be goats whether pencils or pens

must be drawing and baaaing and drawing again

blessed be goats and hillsides and hooves

blessed be horns above towers and rooves

blessed be baaalance             and bucking and gruffs

pictures of goats           are lovely enoughs

Mik Augustin has performed stage poetry for 23 years. He loves to cook, eat, and drink, and often writes about food and the long-term effects of carousing. His unabashed vanity enables him to write about himself at length and in great detail in the third person. His autobiographical data is astounding. It is best to read everything he publishes. Dill gruyere baked onion rings.

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