Poetry: Monument –Colleen Barry


The day spears me slowly through
Beauty is sick but it is
dousing Screwed to the wall
of water the past moves in on

I speak to you so much
I don’t know words any longer
than my own small fingers

I’m feeling really out there
As a person I’ve been
living by building a slow blue box
within which to long
for what is outside the box

There’s the neighbor pushing raindrops
grazing the decals of her 1982
RV with a flesh-colored sponge
She gives me a word for the absence of words

Somewhere on a hard coast I am from
a monument springs up Whose
meaning is an inflated decoration

Colleen Barry is the author of two chapbooks, The Glidden Poems (dancing girl 2015, forthcoming) and Sunburn / Freezer Burn (smoking glue gun 2014). Her drawings and poems appear in various journals such as H_NGM_N, Coconut, The Pinch, Interrupture, Tenderloin, and others. She’s a third year poet in the MFA program at UMass Amherst and the Managing Editor of Slope Editions. Her weekly comic, The Nervous System, can be found every Monday at Route 9 Literary Magazine.
More at : www.colleenlouisebarry.com

photo by VOIGTF64

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