Poetry: REAP POEM –Dara Cerv


Like everyone else

I am afraid

That no one will love me

The way I need to be

Loved and loathed

At the same time

I would rather you didn’t

Half-ass it

The ached-out body crosses

Wide fields to fill itself

The slow licking lizard

Slow licks itself

In a half sleep state


At the edge of a wide field

I free an ankle of

Wet grass that has stuck

I wandered to the edge of this

Field to ask you a question

Certain people could have

Great love

In loosening their pathology

Some people are brave enough and

Ask for the scythe

Dara Cerv lives and writes in Jamaica Plain, MA. Recent poems appear in The Volta, Whiskey Island, Jellyfish, and a few other places. Reviews are forthcoming in Sink Review. She is the author of Bath Poems, a chapbook with Sixth Finch (2015).

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