Poetry: from “TO BE READ” –Adam Hayden

from TO BE READ:


–––––on an empty stomach

swallow a slow stream of her
scripture like a ticker-
tape worm
splurge, purge,
expurgate everything
you’re feeling
has been earned
burned and urned
interred in perpetuity

chin up son
button your coat
to the chin son
try to eat some-


–––––with mouth opened 

this subliminal gesture
your liminal lips let
anyone in
these days
it seems
we convince one
another the story is
scripted. try not to
yawn prescribe me some-
thing to swallow
swollen tight
show me how
i care enough
is enough
all i have and why
do you still look
so surprised


–––––because i said so

no one ever does
what they’re told
unless by a lover
who manages
the poverty of
their desire | his or
her desire | okay my
desire so i keep
my expectations low
overpay for glances
touch for $ there is
no good fight

give us a kiss
make us a fist
because i said so

Adam Hayden has an MFA from the University of Michigan. He currently lives in New Orleans, LA. Recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Pleiades and Juked.


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