Poetry: The Fish Head –Frances Donovan

The Fish Head

Under deep water I found you
in a jar as big as my head.
Bubbling and poised to explode,
your rage made the glass hot in my hands.

She warned me not to,
but I carried you anyway.
Past those sand-colored walls,
the pool you could not swim in,
the shoes you could not wear,
I carried you — my treasure,
my foundling,
my arboretum in a jar.

At the top of the stairs,
your bubbling subsided.
But even in your new room,
the one I picked out for you,
you seethe and you bubble
a veritable forest of tangles.
I wonder if I will ever get you straight.

Frances Donovan’s work has appeared in Lyrical Somerville, PIF Magazine, Oddball Magazine, The Writer, Chronogram, Perimeter, Gender Focus, and The dVerse Anthology: Voices of Contemporary World Poetry. She curated the Poetry@Prose reading series in Arlington, MA and has appeared as a featured reader at numerous venues in the New England and upstate New York. You can find her climbing hills in Roslindale and online at http://www.gardenofwords.com

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