Poetry: Selections From Diana Ross & The Supremes – Jon-Michael Frank

All My Love I Devote To You

real life   is fucked   up   there’s   no stay   in it   prairies
of   romantic   faces   a girl with   long   black   nails   I
want   everything to   wake up   as   mercury   in my   arms
I lay   in   what I   believe   the body   in gulfweed   awe
is the   only   power   brushes   of other   people   exits
into   other   rooms   dachshunds   running from   fire
alarms   earth   in a   coke bottle   a new   thing   and its
slow   death   pixilation   as decay   the season   is spring
I’m a   fool   for what   could be

All My Love

all my   thoughts   are feelings   a landscape   of leaky   tulips
the man   in a black   mask   spooning soup   to a   child   I’m
nobody   when I’m   alone   the culpable   planets   a basement
of   angels   mood always   jests new   I scream   off   a lack
of palm   trees   in the   park   distance   peters way   into a
crumb   empathy as   an ice age   the apocalyptic   sun   I brave
another   wrong bus   wonder what   makes something   sad

Standing At The Crossroads Of Love

saints in   glamour   alight culture   you prove   your
interest   in life   by what   you wear   melancholic
lunacy   the wages   of beauty   a dead dog   on a
chain   the weather   burns   its prodigious   sun   I
miss   falling asleep   during bad   movies   aesthetic
is my   only   problem   at the party   there were
ants   on the   floor   I want a   more   picturesque
reality   a palm tree on a   postcard   the heart   is a
lonely   bummer

My Love Gets Dearer

wonder life   sapphire dust   suffering as   a pollen   doomsday
grimoire   harsh   missing   parts   weeds   strangled   in light
cold   gold   aching   human river   summer’s pulse   in the
sewer   the center   of   absence   a table   on   3 legs   petting
quartz   until my   heart   grows   back

I Wish I Were Your Mirror

outsider ambience   I’m looking for   a treasure   a lover
with something   to love   smoke and   an upside   down
crucifix   my spirit is  willing and lazy   a static   of teen
girls   in plastic   tiaras   the monster movie   of life   behind
you   disillusionment has   the object   of trance   reifying
the moon   hurt the   most   a nub of   pink   in a   fish
mouth   I was born   as an   inside   the sky   in a   wheelchair
at the end   of my   suffering  I was  bored   likewise   the
world   crippled in   ecstasy   light falling   as bird shit   I cannot
describe   anything   I feel   satanism   and witchcraft   the
first thing   a bone   does   out of   the body   is   shine

Jon-Michael Frank is the author of two chapbooks: Diana Ross & The Supremes (Birds, LLC & Black Cake Records) and Here It Is My Beautiful Fucking Heart (El Aleph Press). He is the acquisitions editor for the small press Birds, LLC, and runs a reading series in Austin, TX called Fun Party. More at http://www.jonmichaelfrank.com

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