Poetry: Obligations are Privileges –Seth Landman

Obligations are Privileges

Found myself in the rain
thinking we could be spectacular
I remember I really let my guard down
writing the first line
falling in love in the winter
through a cold cloud
keeping all of us together
something horrible keeps happening
and you and I are implicated
thinking about the evil in the world
spoiled my other thoughts
sometimes I don’t know what I am made of
but I can’t sleep so I know I’m here
I stayed my mind
felt solemn and moved
obligations are privileges
for you are alive
and know how to be holy
and when you can’t sleep
how to write in the dark

Seth Landman lives in Northampton, Massachusetts. He is the author of Sign You Were Mistaken (Factory Hollow Press, 2013) and Confidence (Brooklyn Arts Press). He collaborates with Seth Parker on Tyoyeu (@tyoyeu) and writes sometimes for The Peach Basket.

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