Poetry: What You’ll Get –Sarah J. Mann

What You’ll Get

What you’d like to say is;
that there will be cowboy boots
beneath cut-offs
and a scream,
when there’s a spider on the door handle.
You’d like to say that there is time and
That we are going to cut open our wrists
for the privilage
and let strings like red yarn grow long enough from our temples.
That you are safe,
in a sweater
and alone
without longing.
What you’d like to say is;
that you watched him light a thousand candles
off the burning rope ladders behind
and backlit by the mistakes,
become alive in anger
and this was ugly
and painted the canvas the white
it always was beneath.
What you would like
is to say that there are three or four more fingers
than the standard
on each hand
and that counting comes clockwise
like a smirk with no secrets.
That there are many more frozen yogurt places
than you ever dreamed possible
and stories have better audiences beneath the bed than they do above.
What you would like to say is that,
laid down upon a cackling fire,
the funeral was more or less like you imagined
and this in no way is reflected in your lack of attendance.
I would like to say
I have one more breath to waste here,
then the next one is yours.

Sarah J. Mann is an Australian ex-pat best known for taking jobs away from hard working American citizens in the twenty years she has called the United States her home. Additionally she is an actress, playwright and poet currently living wherever the world will have her. As a young girl Sarah’s passion for exaggerating the truth formed amid the tide-pools of York, Maine. She managed to write her way in to an elaborately staged adulthood on a furious passion for performance and literature. Her chapbook ‘You Are Not Buffalo’ was published by YesNo Press in January of 2015. She is still writing.

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