Poetry: Afterlife –Patrick Williams


I hope my Anubis will come
in the form of an old-stock
Radio Shack Bulk Tape Eraser.
Unboxed, plugged in, it needn’t
even touch the decades-old
emulsion holding our play-act
broadcasts so insecurely. A tasteful
funerary implosion is what I have
in mind: any traces on old discs
degaussed into a ghost spiral
of gone. Aging magnetic tape
wrapped tight on geared plastic
spools, slung slack across that
tan cube of foam, all shot through
with a dry rumble. That’s it. Every
bit since year zero, day zero
disannulled regardless of filename
or source. It worked so well
on those gimme Bonnie Raitt
cassingles. They’re dusty now,
resonant with tweaked-out
metronome, but with luck,
not for long. The goal is to be equal
parts lossy and inarticulate.

Patrick Williams is a poet and academic librarian living in Central New York. Recent work appears in publications including Prelude, 3:AM Magazine, NO INFINITE, and Heavy Feather Review. He is the editor of Really System, a journal of poetry and extensible poetics. Find him at patrickwilliamsintext.com and on Twitter @activitystory.

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