Poetry: Taxi – Kevin Carey


One summer
I bought a pizza

hailed a taxi

and took it to Mars.

I sat on a red hill

and watched
the earth spin.

It looked a lot
like water,

some mortar
in between
the blue,
lights and darks,

not much to miss really.

I remember it was cold
and the meter
kept running

and by the
I got home
I was busted

Kevin Carey teaches in the English Department at Salem State University. He has published two books – a chapbook of fiction “The Beach People,” from Red Bird Chapbooks (2014) and a book of poetry “The One Fifteen to Penn Station,” from Cavankerry Press, N.J. (2012). He co-directed and produced a 2013 documentary film about New Jersey poet Maria Mazziotti Gillan, called “All That Lies Between Us” and has a new collection of poems, “Jesus Was a Homeboy,” (CavanKerry Press) due out in the fall of 2016 . Kevincareywriter.com

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