Poetry: MPC—J.D. Scrimgeour


It’s been forever since you came to the library,
And listened to me on Langston Hughes.

Since then, how many poems have you spelunked,
turning lines into ducks and Keshas?

Now, Ms. Fearless, you flit from job to job,
avoid the traps of adulthood,

as you skip, cherub-faced,
into the cauldrons of language.

J.D. Scrimgeour is the author of the poetry collections The Last Miles, Territories, and Lifting the Turtle. He won the AWP Award for Nonfiction for his second book of nonfiction, Themes for English B: A Professor’s Education In & Out of Class. With musician Philip Swanson he released Ogunquit & Other Works,  a CD blending music and poetry. The musical, Only Human, which he composed with his sons Aidan and Guthrie, premiered at Ames Hall Theatre in Salem in 2014. http://jdscrimgeour.com



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