Poetry: Lies—Hannah Wagner


she hides them in every crevice of herself
stuffed inside her cocked hip of confidence folded
behind her soft ocean lids tied
between brittle sun stained locks

it does not provide relief
her hips sway
her eyes wander her locks
crescendo down her back
she reveals herself in every way

she sings the moon’s song to remember
…amore amore
and dreams someone sings with her in harmony
she knows this voice – deep and dark and tart –
she knows the stain of cherry
and wakes to a canyon of loneliness echoing back

she roots herself into the earth
if you want to be found
you stay in one place.

Hannah Wagner is a resident of Salem, Massachusetts. She graduated from Salem State University. She is also an actor and can be seen in many productions across the North Shore. Her work has been featured in The Broke Bohemian, Mass Poetry’s Poem of the Moment, Whisper and the Roar, Sudden Denouement, Door is a Jar, Soundings East, Twyckenham Notes, and Still Point Quarterly. She works with cystic fibrosis patients during the day and is a dedicated yogi in her free time.

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