VERB AS—Kiki Volkert


when i go i go green punching through brown quo i go photo
synthesis i go formal sunflower in gradeschool science
and i am going towards gone towards postcard
arrival shriek i go curly telephone wire swathing
homebound footstep smearing pink stain on white sheet

when i go i throw prayers at mall parking
spaces and pull answers from
falling ashtrays i give sermons
in the backs of flying compact
cars and seek salvation in
the corners of petrified bars,

what is this i
go what
is this what is

and then i go scuffed suasion rising and rioting i go riding
the question valiantly, tamed, kissed on the forehead,
galloping through thick painted lemonade across
a black and white finish line and panting after
i go wrong question wrangling quick catch of
better way to be i go hollow windwood bare naked
neck kiss at 2 pm on the most normal day because

when i  go i go peril impending upon  next serpent diaphony
while the clock spirals upwards i go subway clank
i go birdfoot i go nameless through the index i go
too late lunging for spilled potted plant i go noun
poster diagram i go supposition gnashing slippered
premonition of resting someday with the rock floating
outwards and the movement still undefined and advancing



Kiki Volkert writes and drinks in South Philly. She has a chapbook called Imagine Real Data published by txtbooks and poems in Prelude. She is unclever and not opportunistic and suggests that you follow her on Twitter.

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